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"The trust and appreciation of every client is earned through the highest quality representation." - Jayson Nag

AGGRESSIVE Criminal Defense

Attorney Jayson Nag has handled hundreds of criminal defense cases including First-Degree Felonies, Sexual Assaults, and White Collar crimes. His tenacity in the courtroom, attention to detail and ability to see the "big picture" is what sets him apart.

SMART Family Law Litigation

Attorney Jayson Nag is an experienced family law litigator. He knows that some cases need to battle in court and some cases just need to find a solution. Jayson will look at your situation in-depth to create a strategy to resolve your case quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Recent Criminal Case Results

State v. L.H. -- July 2016

No Bill - 1st Degree Felony. Attorney Jayson Nag successfully presented a Grand Jury defense for a client who was charged with 1st Degree Manufacture and Delivery of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. The Grand Jury was swayed by Jayson Nag's argument that the police did not follow proper procedure in violation of state law and No Billed the case.

State v. K.C. -- June 2016

Attorney Jayson Nag was able to get a Theft case dismissed outright and was able to convince the State's attorney to allow the client to file for an early expunction thereby erasing all arrest records and criminal charge. Client was wrongfully arrested and charged with Theft $100-750. Jayson Nag successfully argued that the client had no intent to steal and the State's attorney agreed. Client will now have entire record stemming from this incident erased.

State v. K.A. -- May 2016

Probation reinstated. After a Motion to Adjudicate was filed on the client due to alleged bribes to a police officer and for drug use, attorney Jayson Nag successfully convinced the Tarrant DA's office to allow the client to enter in-patient drug rehab and the State dismissed their motion.

State v. T.A. - February 2015

NOT GUILTY after trial on the merits. Client was charged with assault. Jayson Nag successfully argued at trial that there was no intent to cause harm and there was no contact made.

Recent Family Law Case Results

ITMOTMO Krysko -- July 2016

Attorney Jayson Nag won a hearing on a Motion for New Trial for a client who had a divorce granted against him without proper notice. This potentially saved the client ten of thousands of dollars in community property.

ITIO Meek -- June 2016

Jayson Nag was able to convince the family district court to grant a Writ of Habeas Corpus ordering the State of Florida to order a mother to return the child to the clients (grandparents) after the mother fled with the child across state lines.

ITIO Jones -- May 2016

Jayson Nag won a Temporary Orders contested hearing that resulted in his client being awarded primary custody of his kids.