First things first. Never drink and drive. Get a designated driver or get an Uber. It's not worth it.

This Thanksgiving Weekend is a No-Refusal Weekend in the State of Texas. Fort Worth, Arlington and all the other Mid-Cities police departments in Tarrant County will implement No Refusal.

What Exactly is No-Refusal Weekend?

A “No Refusal” weekend is a time period in which law enforcement officers can obtain warrants to quickly collect blood evidence from drivers suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Basically, there will be judge “on-call” in every city to approve blood search warrants. That means if you are pulled over and are suspected of being under the influence, a judge can sign a warrant and you could be having your blood drawn in UNDER ONE HOUR!

What Happens on a “No Refusal” Weekend in Texas?

If a driver refuses to submit to field sobriety testing on a “No Refusal” weekend, the officer can expedite the process required to obtain a search warrant. Typically, when a driver is pulled over for a suspected of Driving While Intoxicated, the officer asks him or her to submit to a breath or blood tests.

The driver’s options are to say yes or no to the officer. If the driver consents, the officer takes the test sample. If the driver refuses, the officer proceeds to request a search warrant to obtain a blood sample.

On normal weekends, the officer can obtain a search warrant any day of the year. However, on a “No Refusal” weekend, local agencies make more resources available including: a judge on call to sign warrants, blood-draw nurses will be more available and dedicated DWI officer task forces will be used.

Law enforcement officers are placed on high alert. They’re looking specifically for drunk drivers. The “No Refusal” weekend doesn’t mean the driver can’t say no to the officer’s request to perform a field sobriety test but, if the officer suspects the driver has been drinking, he or she will probably ask the driver to submit to field testing.

Should I agree to take a test on a “No Refusal” Weekend?

No. Don’t provide a breath or blood sample. Remember anything you submit to will be used against you in our case and maybe your trial. You have a right not to submit to a test. You also have the right to NOT make any decisions without a lawyer. Save the numbers (817) 900-2823 and (817) 381-5215 into your phone under the name “LAWYER”. You can call us or text us anytime 24/7 if you are under a DWI investigation. Remember, IT IS OKAY TO CALL YOUR LAWYER WHEN YOU ARE PULLED OVER. That is what we are here for.

What do I do if I am pulled over?

Be courteous to the officer. Crack your window and give the officer your license and registration. NEVER admit to drinking anything, even if you have. If asked to perform any Field Sobriety Tests, politely decline saying you won’t do anything without your lawyer being present. When asked to submit to a breath or blood test, politely decline.

If your blood is taken, stay calm and be courteous. DO NOT answer any questions in the cop car, at the hospital or at the police station. Remember, everything is recorded and DWI trials are sometimes lost based solely on your demeanor and/or what you say on camera.

Call us at your first available opportunity. Or have someone else call us for you. You can reach a Fort Worth DWI Criminal Defense attorney for a bail bond and for your DWI case at (817) 900-2823 and by text message at (817) 381-5215.

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