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Our attorneys have personally handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from low-level misdemeanors to First-Degree felonies where the possible punishment was life in prison. Our work ethic, attention to detail and ability to see the "big picture" are what sets us apart. We know that every person has a story and that story may be the difference between life behind bars and a life of freedom.


Our firm has handled dozens of divorce and custody disputes in Fort Worth and Weatherford. Our attorneys know that some cases need their day in court, while some situations just need to come to an amicable agreement. We handle high-net worth divorces, agreed divorces, contested custody cases and adoptions. We have a team of associates with years of combined experience dealing with family law issues in Texas.


Fort Worth Attorneys
Fort Worth Attorneys



Assault is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Texas. Sometimes a good assault defense like self-defense can mean the difference between time in jail and a life of freedom. Our Fort Worth attorneys have extensive experience representing citizens accused of assaults ranging from family violence assaults to aggravated assaults with deadly weapons. Crimes against people, such as assaults, are vigorously prosecuted in Texas. Let our team craft an assault case strategy and defense for you. Learn more.

Bail Bonds

Our Fort Worth bail bondsman can post bail for you or your family. When you hire us as your attorney, we will post your bond for free. Our Fort Worth attorney can also get a bond set for clients. Often times with probation or deferred adjudication revocation, a bond is not necessarily automatically by the court. Our team can help with setting a bond or even reducing a bond amount. Learn more.

Drug Possession

Possession charges are very common in the State of Texas. Most possession charges require the citizen to exhibit “care, custody or control” of the controlled substance. Our drug possession attorneys can help you craft a defense strategy to help beat the charge of get it lowered. A lot of our drug possession cases are taken care of at the grand jury level. Our attorney have obtained numerous “no bills” meaning the grand jury determined that probable cause did not exist for the prosecution of the crime. Learn more.


Driving While Intoxicated is by far one of the most arrests in Texas. DWI also happens to one of the most litigated crimes in Texas because of the way the law is currently written. A good DWI defense can help you keep your criminal and driving record clean and save literally thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges. Our Fort Worth DWI attorneys have defended hundreds of citizens accused of DWI. Our defenses for DWI routinely utilize scientific testing and data analysis along with expert testimony. Most DWI crimes handled by our attorneys are litigated all the way through trial and sometimes appeal. Learn more.


Expunction is the process or erasing your criminal record in Texas. The process itself is actually more complex than most people think. It involves not only filing the correct paperwork but a lot of times it requires the right strategy in dealing with the underlying crime you are trying to expunge. The law on expunction is constantly evolving so its important to hire a Fort Worth expunction attorney that is knowledgeable about the law and the local court process. Learn more.

Probation Revocation

Our Fort Worth probation revocation attorneys know that there can be many reasons that a person is facing a revocation and a lot of times those reasons can be explained. However, just because a person has a valid reason for a probation violation does not mean that the person will remain on probation. The court, the probation department and the district attorney’s office must be informed properly as to why the violations occurred and what the citizen has done to remedy the situation. That is where our revocation attorneys come in. We can help you structure a strategy to keep you on probation, get your probation extended or minimize your prison exposure if you are revoked. Learn more

Sexual Assault

A defense to sexual assault claims are perhaps the most important type of legal defense for a citizen accused because of the far-reaching ramifications of a sexual assault conviction. Even the simple accusation of a sexual assault claim can have a disastrous effect on a person’s life. Combine this with the fact that many sexual assault claims are quite simply false means that you must hire our Fort Worth sexual assault defense attorneys the moment you learn that you have been accused. Learn more.

White Collar Crime

Questionable business practices are often confused with criminal activity, but that does not necessarily make them illegal. Our white collar defense attorneys know this. Often times money is lost in the realm of business simply because of bad accounting, mismanaged employees and outdated record keeping. Not only can a citizen accused of white collar crime be sentenced to jail but they can also be ordered to pay back money as restitution if they are placed on probation. Learn more.




One of the most rewarding areas of law practice for our attorneys is the adoption process. We have helped many families in North Texas through the adoption process. We have handled private adoptions including step-parent adoptions, foster parent adoptions and adult adoptions. The adoption process can be very complicated especially if it involves a termination and our attorneys will take care of the entire process for you from beginning to end. Learn more.

Child Custody

Our Fort Worth child custody attorneys have handled hundreds of custody cases in Fort Worth, Weatherford and Dallas. With child custody disputes, one of the most important aspects of successfully litigating for the best interests of your children is to obtain favorable Temporary Orders. Temporary Orders often times set the stage for the entire case. From temporary orders through the final trial and even appeal, our attorneys have proven methods and strategies to help you litigate your custody case and for the best interest of your children. Learn more.


Divorces are often life-changing events for people, but our Fort Worth divorce attorneys and our team is dedicated to making sure that get through your divorce better on the other side. We have handled hundreds of divorces ranging from simple, uncontested matters to complex, high-net worth matters with children and large estates. We begin by structuring a game plan for you divorce by taking into account your current situation, future expectations and your ideas for final resolution of the case. Using our years of experience and proven case strategies, our divorce attorneys are here not only to represent you but to be a friend when you need us. Learn more.


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