Assault Family Violence

Jayson Nag, our Criminal Assault Lawyer who practices in Fort Worth has personally handled over 250 (two-hundred and fifty) Assault with Family Violence cases ranging from Class A Misdemeanors to First Degree Aggravated Assault against a Family Member cases. He has personally obtained Not Guiltys at trial, No-Bills at the Grand Jury level and dozens of dismissals.

If you face one of these charges, you should know that a Family Violence allegation greatly increases the seriousness of the situation.

If convicted of assault with a Family Violence finding, you can never own a firearm again for the rest of your life. Additionally, assault family violence is an enhanceable offense. What this means is that your first offense of Assault Family Violence is a class A misdemeanor. But, any subsequent allegation is charged as a felony.

If you have no status in this country, then any conviction or finding of Family Violence will almost certainly result in your deportation.

Because of the seriousness that an Assault with Family Violence can have on your record and your life, it is imperative that you hire the best Fort Worth Criminal Assault Attorney, Jayson Nag.