No Charge for Tarrant County Bail Bonds, Don't Pay Twice!

No Charge for Bail Bonds! Call (817) 900-2823 anytime day or night or text to (817) 381-5215 if you need immediate help. Hire your Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Bail Bondsman and your attorney!

When you hire Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney and Bondsman Jayson Nag to post a bail bond for you or someone else, the cost of the bond is rolled into the fee for representation. We will quote you our attorney representation fee over the phone or in person and when you hire us, we post your Tarrant County bond along with the representation!

Normally, when you hire a regular bail bond company to bail someone out, you still have to pay more money to hire an attorney. Not with Jayson. Pay him for the case, and your Fort Worth (Tarrant County) bail bond is taken care of.

We can post bonds for any jail within Tarrant County including the main jail in downtown Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, and all the Mid-Cities.

We can also get your bond reduced in most cases! Learn how here.